What a pretty speech, a pity no one was listening
 You'd make me laugh if it weren't prohibited.
 What do we do now, now that we are happy?
 Another day done with.
 I missed you...and at the same time I was happy.  Isn't that a queer thing?
  Thanks be to God, by my side I behold    The sleeping form of Sir Ubu the Bold.
 If I were you I'd try to get that ass sitting on a throne.
 One is not master of one's moods.
 So you want to stay as poor as a church mouse, Mr. Ubu?
 Poor boy, he would have let himself be cut in half for my sake.
 How did such a crummy creature as you ever get slapped together?
 by the rivers running water running fire
 Do I have to repeat myself? I intend to get rich, I won't fork out a penny.
 You and your landscapes!
 Will night never come?
 With this system, I'll soon make a fortune; then I'll kill everyone in the world, and go away.
 Then all the dogs came running and they dug the dog a tomb.
 Great God, I'm dead! No, I'm all right after all.
  Oof!  I hardly dare look back!
 Look after yourself my friend. Everyone will have his turn to get eaten.
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