Below are links to additional sites featuring my work, and those featuring the work of friends and other artists I admire:

More Copper:

VIMEO - video studies and dynamic pixelations.

BANDCAMP - sound collages and experiments with noise.

INSTAGRAM - glimpses, work, thoughts.

TUMBLR - looking at what we see.

BLURB - books I have published on my own work and the work of others.

GREC Architects - the work and firm profile of my architecture firm.

Check these sites out:

Tim Anderson - great work, great artist, great friend.

Kerry Conboy - another great artist I had the pleasure of sharing a show with (LIFELINES, 2012).

Ahzad Bogosian - master landscape painter and great friend. 

Bill Fisher - my late brother-in-law, possessed by art.

Billy Blob - online friend and awesome painter/animator.

Sophie Jodoin - amazing, haunting human paintings.

Alex Kanevsky - everything he paints is an inspiration.

Karl Geckler - architect, sculptor, painter, musician and friend.